Erudite Data Science & Analytics is a Crossref Sponsoring Organization

Services for Books & Journal Publishers

With our established presence in the domain of web development and data science, we help books and journal publishers in developing and maintaining their web publishing platforms i.e. journal & books publishing websites.

We help our publisher clients by offering them 'all services under one roof' that they need to run their publishing businesses. With our experienced team specializing in creating, designing and developing websites for journal and books publishing platforms, we even help our publisher clients to manage their core publishing tasks i.e. publishing their journals and books on their websites on their behalf. This way, our publisher clients can focus on other productive works of their review and editorial workflow while we being by their side taking care of all their web and technical support requirements.

Our sevices to journal & book publishers include-

Erudite Data Science & Analytics
DOI from Crossref for Journal Articles & Book Chapters

Website Development for Journals & Book Publishing

Journal & Book Publishing on behalf of Publishers

DOI from Crossref for Journal Articles & Book Chapters

Scholarly publishing including journal and book publishing, has changed drastically as compared to the traditional publishing where name of the journal or its publisher was sufficient to identify the published content. Besides ISSNs and ISBNs, having a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for a journal article or book or its chapter helps both the author, publisher and the cataloguing librarians to correctly identify and recognizing the published content.

As a journal or book publisher having DOIs for its published content further helps it to gain more recognition with increased scholarly integrity. Getting DOIs for journal articles, books, and book chapters has become one of the basic requirements of scholarly authors.

BUT, assigning DOIs comes with a cost to the publisher and the major part of this cost is the annual membership fee for a small or medium journal or book publishers. The journal or book publishers having fewer titles/content to publish find the annual membership of Crossref even more unaffordable. To save small publishers from the burden of annual membership fee, Crossref has empanelled Sponsoring Organizations who further help small publishers to assign DOIs to their content getting into an agreement with these Sponsoring Organizations. Assigning DOIs through Sponsoring Organzations doesn't require publishers to pay Crossref annual membership fee. Instead, the annual membership fee is paid by the Sponsoring Organizations for all the publishers who are assigning DOIs through these Sponsoring Organizations.

Erudite Data Science & Analytics being a Crossref Sponsoring Organization helps journal and book publishers to assign DOIs to their published content without paying Crossref annual membership fee when they register their content with Crossref through it.

Publishers Evaluation Criteria

While evaluating a publisher sponsorship application, we require the applicant publishers to adhere to the Crossref Membership Terms and other important Crossref membership criteria .

In addition to this, we evaluate the potential publisher members for the following of our quality parameters:

  1. Those publishers already having a DOI prefix and assigning DOIs to only selective papers or charging authors for DOIs separately (in addition to regular APCs), shouldn’t apply to us for a Crossref Sponsorship. All papers in an issue should have unique DOIs.
  2. The journal publishers who make express promises of fast publication (in 10-15 days of paper submission) are also not considered by us.
  3. The journal publishers should have an established peer-review criteria available on their websites, which should detail how a paper is reviewed and accepted for publication.
  4. A journal publisher should have a policy on plagiarism and should detail on its website how plagiarism is taken care of. The publishers should also have a publication ethics statement hosted on their websites, and the same should be adhered to at all times.
  5. We cross-check the indexing if any as claimed by the publisher of a journal and also if the claimed information is current and valid.
  6. We also look for the editorial integrity of a publisher and their consistency in quality publishing.
  7. For technical viability, the publisher’s publishing system should be such that it ensures a published paper to have a separate, individual and unique URL.
  8. In addition to the above, we also reserve the right to decline an application without a clarification if we suspect any predatory practice by the applicant publisher.

After an evaluation, if a publisher is accepted for sponsorship, we invite them to discuss and conclude the terms of the sponsorship, leading them to apply for a Crossref membership via us.

In case of any additional clarification or assistance, our Service Desk can be reached to at [email protected]